"Дом, милый дом"

Автор: Запекина Марина Александровна
Должность: учитель английского языка
Учебное заведение: мОУ-СОШ №№
Населённый пункт: город Унеча Брянская область
Наименование материала: методическая разработка
Тема: "Дом, милый дом"
Дата публикации: 04.12.2017
Раздел: среднее образование


Подготовила: учитель английского языка Запекина М.А.

Дом, милый дом

6 класс

Кузовлев В.П.


Развивающий аспект - развитие памяти, логичности, воображения;

Воспитательный аспект – формирование умения вести обсуждения, давать оценки,

развитие доброжелательности;

Учебный аспект – развитие умения читать с целью извлечения конкретной информации,

совершенствование лексических навыков по теме, скрытый контроль уровня

сформированности речевых умений.

Ход урока:

I Организационный момент.

Good morning, pupils. I'm glad to see you today. We have an unusual lesson

today. We have a lot of guests.

Sit down, please.

I am glad to see you.

What mood do you have today at the lesson? Show me the smiles, please. (показывают

смайлики с настроением)

II Постановка темы урока, сообщение цели.

- Look at some pictures and try to guess, what will we speak about today? ( несколько

картинок на слайде) 1 слайд

2 слайд – название темы – Home, sweet home

There is one of the cards on your desks which is called “Self-assessment” (самооценка).

There all tasks which will be at our lesson. You should put the mark at the end of the task

III Речевая разминка. (2-4 мин.) 3 слайд

- Look at the screen. There are several proverbs about home. Let's read and translate them.

East or West home is best (В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше).

There is no place like home (В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше).

An Englishman's home is his castle (Мой дом - моя крепость).

Home, my sweet home. ( Дом, милый дом).

Постановка целей, задач.

What are we going to do today at the lesson? What do you think?

We are going to read the text. We are going to translate. We are going to play the game. We are

going to describe the room.

Very good. You are right.

IV. Чтение и говорение:

There texts on your desks. Please, read the text and be ready to answer my questions. I‘ll give

you some minutes.

Miss Honey’s house

Miss Honey is a teacher in a small school. One day she invited her pupil Matilda to her

house. Matilda saw a narrow path to a tiny house. The house was small, it looked like a doll’s

house. There were two little windows at the front. “You can come to the kitchen and help me to

make the tea”, Miss Honey said, and they went into the kitchen. Near the wall there was a table

for preparing food and a cupboard. Then they went to the living room. The room was small and

bare as a prison cell (пустая, как тюремная камера). The day light came from a tiny window in

the front wall, but there were no curtains. The only objects in the room were three wooden

(деревянный) boxes. That was all. There were no pictures on the wall, no carpet on the floor.

Miss Honey put the tray (поднос) one of the boxes. “Sit down, my dear, sit down”, she said,

“and we’ll have a nice hot cup of tea”.


What rooms were described in the text? ( a kitchen, a living-room)


Was Miss Honey rich or poor? Why do you think so?


What objects were mentioned in the text?

Look at the task, please. If the statements are true or false. ( 4 слайд)


1.Miss Honey lived in a tiny house.

2. Miss Honey lived in a doll’s house.

3. There was one room in Miss Honey’s house.

4. There were wooden boxes in the kitchen.

5. There was no carpet on the floor.

6. The living room was small and bare as a prison cell.

7. Miss Honey was a doctor.

8. Miss Honey and the pupil drank milk.

9. There were no curtains on the window.

10. A teacher visited the pupil.

(SELF assessment)





4 and less






(5 слайд)


Физкультминутка. It’ s time to have a rest

Hands down! - Руки вниз!

Hands on hips! - Руки на бедра!

Sit down! - Садись!

Stand up! - Встань!

Hands up! - Руки вверх!

Hands to the sides! - Руки в стороны!

Turn to the left! - Поворот налево!

Bend right! - Наклон вправо!

Stand still! - Стойте смирно!

Stop! - Стой!

Hands up! - Руки вверх!

VI. Повторение и актуализация ранее изученного грамматического материала.

Which constructions can we use to describe the house? (there is/there are) выполняют на


There is/there are

1. There ________ a book on the table.

2. There ___________ four chairs in the living room.

3. There ________ not any bookshelves in the bedroom.

4. There __________ one TV set in the living room.

5. __________ the any flowers in the room?

6. There _________ some pictures on the wall.

7. There ___________ a sofa in the living room.

8. There _____________ one fridge in the kitchen.

9. There ______________ a table in the middle of the room.

10. There ______________some flowers in the bedroom. (6 слайд)





4 and less






Now let’s play the game. Do you like to play the game?

There is a “magic square” on the blackboard. Try to find as many words as possible. (SELF


Words: bedroom, sofa, kitchen, lamp, wardrobe, curtain, bed, poster, desk, armchair, computer,

table, electricity.

Now let’s do a cluster. What do we need to describe the house? (составляем кластер на доске)

We need: prepositions, adjectives, there is/are, rooms, modern conveniences.

Now let’s divide into 2 groups: I will give you two pictures and you try to describe it: some

minutes for this task. Discuss it together and then one pupil will go to the blackboard and try to

describe the room. Thank you.

Now open your record-books and write down your home task – to draw the plan of your house

with rooms and furniture and describe your house or flat; (to describe our room) – для слабого


Now pupils tell me please was the lesson interesting for you. There is a tree on the blackboard

but the leaves for this tree are on your desks, put the green leave if the lesson it interesting, put

the green if the lesson was not interesting and was boring and put the yellow one if the lesson

was neither interesting nor boring so - so. (Вешают листья на дерево).

Very good. I see that the lesson was interesting for you and we have a beautiful tree.

And what about you? Try to esteem yourselves. During the lesson you put the marks for every

task for you and now put the mark. (оценивают себя по данным критериям).





15 and








Memory game. (игра с картинками, кто запомнил комнату)

Make up the question to the pictures.

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